Hey, it’s good to see you. These are some things you might want to know: I’m a singer-songwriter and producer, among other things.  I grew up in Nashville and I live in Portland, OR. Ravi Gadad plays accordion and keys with me, a few other friends join me to sing and play at different times, and we make what I call “organic, eclectic folk-pop”, whatever that is.

This is where I keep everything about my recordings and live performances with my band and the other artists I play with.  If it suits you, you can follow me in all of the socially acceptable ways to follow someone from the tabs in the sidebar. You can listen to music here, and if you want, you can buy things.

Thanks for stopping in. You’re welcome any time.


LISTEN: Stream all three of my CDs for FREE and download them if you’d like them with you away from your computer.
VIDEOS: Live performance videos of me and my band.
BIO: Learn a bit about me.
PRESS: Compare your conclusions about me to the opinions of the professionals to see if you were right.
BLOG: I think things.  Occasionally I find them funny, weird, and/or interesting. When that happens, I write them down here.
PHOTOS: This is what I look like, sometimes.
LYRICS: I wrote words to all my songs so you could more easily tell them apart. These are they.
SHOWS: Find out when I’m playing shows with my band, or any of the other artists I play with.
CONTACT: You got something to say to me?!!!  Well then, say it here.


In addition to what you’ll find here, I produce other artists out of my Yellow Room Recording studio, put on a radio show and podcast of live performances and interviews on KZME 107.1FM, and along with Thom Lyons make live performances videos of artists who grab our interest.  If you’re interested in any of those things, you can check them all out at YellowRoomRecording.com.

Enjoy your stay. I’m glad you’re here. Let me know if I can get you anything.