This calendar lists all the shows I play for both my band, Peter Rodocker & So It Is, and as a sideman for others artists such like Arthur C. Lee (Bass/Vox), Thom Lyons (Guitar/Mandolin/Vox), Tyler Stenson (Guitar/Mandolin/Vox), and Jenna Ellefson (Guitar/Mandolin/Vox).

I host Yellow Room Recording Presents… a monthly 6pm Happy House Showcase the Second Saturday of every month at Alberta Street Pub. I usually put on two acts and generally play in at least one of them. We ask for a $10 Suggested Donation, and the show is All Ages.

Upcoming shows
City Venue Date Map Notes Time
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
City Venue Date Map Notes Time
Salem, ORCoria Estates05/24/20MapRose Gerber / Peter Rodocker2:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House04/11/20MapYellow Room Recording Presents... The Loved / Peter Rodocker & So It Is6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House03/08/20MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Jenna Ellefson & Her Sweet Band / Peter Rodocker & Ben Bleckman (Irish Duo)6:00pm
Portland, ORWhelan's Irish Pub02/22/20MapRose Gerber / Peter Rodocker7:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House01/11/20MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Arthur C. Lee / Peter Rodocker/ Jon Garcia6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House12/14/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Fort Atlantic / Peter Rodocker / Erin Adkisson6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House11/09/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Peter Rodocker & So It Is / Dirty Uncle Rose6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House10/12/19MapFrom Smiths to Smitherines - Peter Rodocker (Solo)4:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House09/14/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Tyler Stenson (CD Release) / Jenna Ellefson6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House08/10/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... The Loved / Photo Ops6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House07/13/19MapPeter Rodocker and Bethany Willis (Duo)4:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House06/28/19MapStubborn Lovers / Carson Mchone / Anna Lynch9:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House06/08/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Thom Lyons (CD Release) / Rebecca McDade6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House05/11/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... The Druthers / Anna Lynch6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House04/13/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Peter Rodocker & So It Is / Arthur C. Lee6:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House03/09/19MapYellow Room Recording Presents... Jenna Ellefson & Amanda Breese / Peter Rodocker & So It Is6:00pm
Portland, ORTurn! Turn! Turn!03/07/19MapArthur C Lee w/ The Loved, Hawkeye Pierce - FREE8:00pm
Bend, ORVolcanic Theatre Pub02/04/17Map8:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Street Public House02/02/17Map8:00pm
Portland, ORMcMennamin's Al's Den09/09/16MapSo It Is w/ Justin Farren, No Cover7:00pm
Portland, ORLaurelthirst Public House08/11/16MapJonah Luke w/ Willow Steps8:00pm
Portland, OrStarday Tavern07/14/16MapSo It Is trio (PR, Ravi Gadad, Arthur Lee), No Cover6:00pm
Portland, ORMcMennamin's Al's Den04/19/15Mapw/ Justin Farren7:00pm
Portland, ORMcMennamin's Al's Den02/15/15Mapw/ Niall Connolly7:00pm
Portland, ORThe White Eagle08/06/14MapJonah Luke, Thom Lyons, Justin Farren, No Cover8:00pm
BendHouse Show07/26/14MapSo It Is (Quartet), Jonah Luke8:00pm
The Dalles, ORClock Tower Ales07/25/14MapJonah Luke, No Cover8:00pm
The Dalles, ORClock Tower Ales07/11/14MapSo It Is (Duo), No Cover8:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Rose Theatre06/12/14MapTyler Stenson8:00pm
Portland, ORThe White Eagle05/17/14MapTyler Stenson8:00pm
Bend, ORVolcanic Theatre Pub03/21/14MapDuo (PR & Bethany Willis) opening for Terrible Buttons, Wilderness9:00pm
Portland, ORMcMennamin's Al's Den01/28/14MapTrio w/ Justin Farren, No Cover7:00pm
Portland, ORMagnolia's Corner01/17/14MapDuo (PR & Ravi Gadad), no cover7:00pm
Portland, ORPress Club01/04/14MapTrio w/ Jenna Ellefson (CD Release), No Cover8:00pm
Bend, ORVolcanic Theatre Pub12/26/13MapDuo (PR & Bethany Willis) w/ LAMP, no cover8:30pm
Bend, ORVolcanic Theatre Pub11/30/13MapSolo (PR) opening for Paul Renna8:00pm
Portland, ORMagnolia's Corner11/14/13MapDuo (PR, Ravi Gadad)7:00pm
Bend, ORBroken Top Bottle Shop10/27/13MapTrio (PR, Ravi Gadad, Bethany Willis)8:00pm
BendHouse Show10/26/13MapDuo (PR, Ravi Gadad) w/ Thom Lyons7:00pm
Portland, ORDoug Fir Lounge08/24/13MapRussell Stafford8:00pm
Portland, ORMcMennamin's Al's Den07/23/13MapSolo, opening for Russell Stafford8:00pm
Portland, OR Analog Cafe06/29/13MapRussell Stafford CD Release, Tyler Stenson EP Release, w/ Star Anna8:00pm
Portland, ORPress Club05/03/13Mapw/ Jenna Ellefson, Michael Sheridan8:00pm
Portland, ORThe Piano Fort04/06/13MapThe Druthers, Anna and the Underbelly, St. Paul de Vence8:00pm
Portland, ORO'Connor's03/30/13MapDruthers, Private Party7:00pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar02/09/13MapThe Druthers, No Cover9:00pm
Portland, ORPress Club02/08/13MapThe Druthers, No Cover8:00pm
Portland, ORSomeday Lounge01/26/13MapPR & So It Is w/ Tyler Stenson, The Druthers, Northeast Northwest8:00pm
Portland, ORMcMennamin's Al's Den01/19/13Mapopening for Cesey Shea, No Cover7:00pm
Portland, ORMississippi Studios12/21/12MapDruthers, Add Love Showcase9:00pm
Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company12/08/12MapThe Druthers8:00pm
Portland, ORAlexa Stark12/07/12MapSo It Is Trio, w/ Perpetual Drifters, Pat Hull8:00pm
Gearhart, ORMcMennamin's Sand Trap11/30/12MapPR & So It Is Trio7:00pm
Portland, ORAladdin Theatre11/21/12MapTyler Stenson @ KINK "Sing to Feed" Benefit Concert7:00pm
PortlandFunhouse Lounge11/16/12MapDual CD/EP release w/ Thom Lyons and comedians Kyle Harbert, Tim Hammer, and Cody McCullar8:00pm
Portland, ORAladdin Theatre10/19/12MapTyler Stenson (CD Release) w/ Naomi Hooley, Crown Point8:00pm
Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company10/13/12MapPR & So It Is8:00pm
Bend, ORGoodlife Brewing09/04/12Mapfeaturing Ben Macy, Bethany & Casey Willis7:00pm
Salem, OROregon State Fair08/31/12MapTyler Stenson4:00pm
Salem, OROregon State Fair08/31/12MapTyler Stenson7:00pm
McMinnville, ORMcMennamin's Hotel Oregon08/25/12MapPR & So It Is9:00pm
Portland, ORThe White Eagle08/23/12MapSo It Is Trio opening for The Jackalope Saints, Anna Tivel & the Underbelly8:30pm
Private Event08/18/12MapTyler Stenson6:00pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar08/17/12MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Portland, ORThe Goodfoot08/16/12Map"The Band" Tribute Show9:30pm
Portland, ORFord Food & Drink08/03/12MapSolo, No cover8:00pm
Salem, OrMcMennamin's Boon's Treasury07/27/12MapPR & So It Is9:00pm
Seattle, WASeattle Center07/21/12MapTyler Stenson @ Bite of Seattle2:00pm
Hood River, ORCebu Lounge07/20/12MapPR & So It Is9:00pm
Hillsboro, ORMcMennamin's Rock Creek Tavern07/14/12MapPR & So It Is9:00pm
Salem, OrMcMennamin's Boon's Treasury06/22/12MapPR & So It Is9:00pm
Portland, ORMississippi Studios06/14/12MapDruthers opening for Will West's CD release9:00pm
Portland, ORRock Bottom Brewery05/24/12MapTyler Stenson's 5:30 Thursday5:30pm
Portland, ORRock Bottom Brewery05/17/12MapTyler Stenson's 5:30 Thursday5:30pm
Portland, ORRock Bottom Brewery05/03/12MapTyler Stenson's 5:30 Thursday5:30pm
Silverton, ORSeven Brides Brewing04/28/12MapThe Druthers7:00pm
Silverton, ORSeven Brides Brewing04/27/12MapThe Druthers7:00pm
Portland, ORRock Bottom Brewery04/26/12MapTyler Stenson's 5:30 Thursday5:30pm
Salem, OrMcMennamin's Boon's Treasury04/21/12MapThe Druthers7:00pm
Portland, ORRock Bottom Brewery04/19/12MapTyler Stenson's 5:30 Thursday5:30pm
Portland, ORBlitz 2104/15/12MapSolo8:00pm
Hillsboro, ORMcMennamin's Rock Creek Tavern04/13/12MapThe Druthers7:00pm
Hillsboro, ORMcMennamin's Rock Creek Tavern03/24/12MapPR & So It Is9:00pm
Portland, ORSecret Society03/23/12MapTS w/ Madgesdiq9:00pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar03/17/12MapPR & So It Is St. Paddy's Day Irish gig7:30pm
McMinnville, ORMcMennamin's Hotel Oregon03/16/12MapTrio7:00pm
Portland, ORMcmennamin's Crystal Ballroom03/14/12MapBenefit show with Keegan Smith & the Fam, Max Ribner, The Ken Hanson Band7:00pm
Portland, ORAlberta Rose Theatre03/11/12MapTS w/ Justin Hopkins5:30pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar03/09/12MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Salem, OrMcMennamin's Boon's Treasury02/22/12MapDuo8:00pm
Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company02/10/12MapThe Druthers8:00pm
Portland, ORMississippi Studios02/09/12MapThe Druthers w/ Jenna Ellefson (CD Release), Jackelope Saints8:00pm
Portland, ORSomeday Lounge01/20/12MapPR & So It Is w/ the Druthers, Tyler Stenson, Fanno Creek8:30pm
Private Event01/08/12MapThe Druthers5:00pm
Portland, ORBuffalo Gap01/06/12MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Bend, ORGoodlife Brewing12/27/11MapSolo8:00pm
McMinnville, ORMcMennamin's Hotel Oregon12/24/11MapSolo Christmas Show7:00pm
Gearhart, ORMcMennamin's Sand Trap12/23/11MapSolo Christmas Show7:00pm
Astoria, ORFt. George Brewery12/11/11MapThe Druthers8:00pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar12/10/11MapThe Druthers9:00pm
12/08/11Private Function5:00pm
Salem, OrMcMennamin's Boon's Treasury12/03/11MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Corvallis, OR2nd St. Beanery12/02/11MapSolo8:00pm
Hillsboro, ORMcMennamin's Rock Creek Tavern11/26/11MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Bend, ORParrilla Grille11/19/11MapSolo7:00pm
Silverton, ORSeven Brides Brewing11/05/11MapThe Druthers8:00pm
Hood River, ORCebu Lounge11/04/11MapThe Druthers9:30pm
Portland, ORGladstone Street Pub10/22/11MapSolo, Friends of the Stone10:00pm
Silverton, ORSeven Brides Brewing10/01/11MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Silverton, ORSeven Brides Brewing09/30/11MapThe Druthers9:00pm
Forest Grove, ORMcMennamin's Grand Lodge09/25/11MapSolo show5:00pm
Portland, ORThe White Eagle09/03/11MapPlaying in the Druthers. John Shipe opens. $69:00pm
Hillsboro, ORMcMennamin's Rock Creek Tavern08/31/11MapDuo show w/ Arthur Lee7:00pm
Salem, OrMcMennamin's Boon's Treasury08/24/11MapDuo show w/ Arthur Lee8:00pm
Forest Grove, ORMcMennamin's Grand Lodge08/21/11MapEarly outdoor Duo show w/ Arthur Lee5:00pm
Portland, ORThe Buffalo Gap08/12/11MapPlaying in the Druthers: FREE show9:00pm
Portland, ORBiddy McGraw's08/06/11MapOpening for Rob Stroup & the Blame. Duo w/ Arthur Lee9:00pm
Portland, ORBiddy McGraw's07/27/11MapDuo show w/ Arthur Lee opening for Jenna Ellefson9:00pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar07/22/11MapPlaying in the Druthers: FREE show9:00pm
Forest Grove, ORMcMennamin's Grand Lodge07/02/11MapA full night of solo acoustic looping7:00pm
Portland, ORSomeday Lounge06/17/11MapDruthers/Tyler Stenson Dual CD release show, w/ Bryan Free9:00pm
Portland, ORVie de Bohemme06/04/11MapPrivate Party: playing in the Druthers8:00pm
Portland, ORKay's Bar05/14/11MapOpening solo and playing in the Druthers9:00pm
Forest Grove, ORMcMennamin's Grand Lodge05/13/11Mapplaying guitar and mandolin w/ Tyler Stenson7:00pm
Silverton, ORSeven Brides Brewing05/06/11Mapplaying in the Druthers7:00pm
Portland, ORThe White Eagle04/26/11Mapw/ Will West, Skip Von Kuske, the Sale8:30pm
Forest Grove, ORMcMennamin's Grand Lodge04/23/11MapA full night of solo acoustic looping7:00pm
Portland, ORAsh St. Saloon03/25/11Mapw/ Rob Stroup & the Blame, Paper Airport9:00pm
Nashville, TNThe Basement12/14/10MapNew Faces8:00pm
Nashville, TNThe 5 Spot11/14/10Mapw/ Kat Jones, Stereofidelics, & Codaphonic8:00pm
Knoxville, TNPreservation Pub10/23/10MapOpening for Jonathan Sexton & Big Love Choir9:00pm
NashvilleThe French Quarter10/19/10Mapw/ the Avery Set and Cashes Rivers9:00pm
Birmingham, ALThe Nick10/14/10Mapw/ Dirty Lungs, Richard James & the Special Riders, Henry Dunkle9:00pm
Atlanta, GAPizzeria Vesuvius10/13/10MapSolo9:00pm
Athens, GaCaledonia Lounge10/12/10Mapwith Mr. Falcon and Catawba8:00pm
Nashville, TNThe Frist Center10/01/10MapSolo Acoustic Performance6:00pm
Knoxville, TNPreservation Pub09/28/10Map9:00pm
Lexington, KYCommon Grounds09/25/10MapSolo9:00pm
Danville, KYThe Hub09/24/10MapSolo8:30pm
Nashville, TNThe 5 Spot09/23/10Mapw/ Codaphonic, Sister Speak, and Harrison Hudson9:00pm
Louisville, TNGerstle's Place09/03/10MapOpening for Jonathan Sexton & Big Love Choir9:00pm
Knoxville, TN11 O'clock Rock08/31/10Mapknoxivi.com11:00am
Knoxville, TNRelix08/30/10MapFeatured Performance10:00pm
Portland, ORThe Buffalo Gap08/13/10MapCD release w/ the Druthers and Brandon Chandler9:00pm
Portland, ORPortland Spirit08/13/10MapPlaying in Brandon Chandler's band4:00pm
Portland, ORPioneer Square-KINK Noon Tunes08/12/10MapPlaying in Brandon Chandler's band 12:00pm
Nashville, TNThe Basement05/24/10Mapw/ Sweet Eastern Saint and Sanders Bohlke9:00pm
Portland, ORBiddy McGraw's05/13/06Map9:00pm
Druthers, Private Party7:00pm
Druthers, Private Party7:00pm
Druthers, Private Party7:00pm
Portland, ORDoug Fir LoungeMapCover Your Hearts - Lael Alderman & the Hungry Hearts9:00pm
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